DLK Asia
DLK Ventilatoren Asia Sdn Bhd.
We know the art of manufacturing the best fans - we want to convince you of the advantages of the worldwide only supplier of "Integrated solutions for industrial fan systems“.
We are using our broad expertise to enable you to make the right selection: Cost-optimised designs – from industrial fans for special applications to series produced standard ranges - compact, axial, plug and smoke extraction fans. There are only a few fan manufacturers who are able to offer such an efficient long-term solution as DLK Ventilatoren GmbH in Berlichingen. The company is an expert in their industry. Centrifugal fans and Axial fans have been produced and developed by DLK since 1974. Since 2019 with the establishment of DLK Ventilatoren Sdn Bhd in Malaysia, you can have German technology in the Asian market.